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Crypto is a term that has been around for years, in fact, dating back to 1983 when it was conceived as a ‘ecash’. Until recently, it hasn’t been part of the ‘sponsorship’ discussions at the highest level of sports. However, it is now top of mind for every sponsorship manager, every brand and every advertising agency looking for further share-of-voice and brand positioning.

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, surrounded by gold bitcoin coins
Cryptocurrency bitcoin

In 2022 alone, we’ve witnessed brands dive into the sports arena, with investments by in the FIFA World Cup and many more crypto-brands across the sports sector as reported by Bloomberg here.

It’s now more important than ever to recognise the benefit that this booming crypto industry can bring to our shores. Africa plays an important role in sports, with local fans on the continent being a part of the millions of fans of multiple sports disciplines across the globe, and we’re seeing global crypto brands join forces with African football clubs and personalities.

"As people become for familiar with crypto as a concept, the next challenge is to engage with them in dialogue. And sports really captures the imagination of billions of people.", Sean Roberts.

So, what can crypto brands bring to Africa? Investment in training facilities, TV sponsorship that provides the sports with a global presence, connecting the audience to the games we love, and providing local investment into Africa’s economy to help our communities grow and thrive.

A brand with a long-term vision to stay afloat should either begin to draw a framework that will pave a way for crypto adoption or get ready to lose consumers.

"Sports clubs that are capable of seeing the importance of this trend today will attain a great advantage in the future", Cagdas Caglar, the founder of Bitci Technology.

Of course, there is risk in investing in sports, as there is with any investment, and we covered ways for you to avoid these risks here.

For now, keep an eye out on our blogs for more.


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